PLP’s Economic Plan Flops

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The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the re-hashed and previously failed agenda items in the PLP’s economic plan:

“What’s old is new again for the PLP and its failed leader Philip Brave Davis. Chester Cooper dusted off the PLP playbook from 2012, and they are trying to pass it off as a present-day manifesto. Unfortunately for them Bahamians and the press saw it for what it was.

“Bahamians remember all the fanciful and failed promises from their 2012 venture. They said crime would be dealt with. Instead, lawlessness increased. They said education expenditures would double. Instead, the resources never came and test grades and graduation rates were low. They did not grow the economy. There were five straight years of zero or net negative growth.

“Davis and Cooper should not be surprised by the negative reaction to their ‘plan’. This is a party The Nassau Guardian Editorial Board said ‘frittered away much of its last term in office, drifting from scandal to scandal and squandering an overwhelming mandate by the Bahamian people’.

“The media pointed out that the PLP had two failed mortgage relief efforts in its last term. Yet, the opposition party is at it again promising mortgage relief. Bahamians know that all the PLP delivers is failure when it makes a promise.

“The PLP’s VAT plan would likely cost the country in excess of $100 million in revenue at a time when the state needs money to support those hurt by the pandemic. Yet, Cooper randomly suggests $200 million would be raised by their adjustment to the rate.

“The PLP deputy leader appears to be making up numbers. His analysis has no relationship with reality.

“It is widely known that the PLP has no intention of delivering on any of its lofty promises. It only wants to get back in power to enrich PLPs. Bahamians are not as gullible as Davis and Cooper think. They have seen this before and voted against the PLP in historic fashion.

“The people deserve more from their elected leaders. That’s why the Minnis administration will continue building a more transparent Government, a more diverse economy, providing more opportunity for all Bahamians and preparing the nation to rebound stronger than ever in the post-pandemic world.”



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