Davis Demonstrates Again His Word Cannot Be Trusted

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March 1, 2021

Carl Culmer Sr. issued the following statement:

“It was as recently as November of last year that Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis assured Member of Parliament for South Andros Picewell Forbes that he would be the party’s standard-bearer in that constituency. Davis just three short months ago even went as far as to say that only an ‘egregious act’ could prevent incumbent PLP Members of Parliament from being re-nominated.

“Davis should indicate to the people of South Andros and The Bahamas at large what act was so egregious that he would go back on his word to one of the only four members of the PLP’s slate to retain a seat at the 2017 general election.

“It is evident that Davis’ word cannot be trusted. This unequivocal act of betrayal committed against the South Andros MP is an even clearer indication that Davis, when pressed, will say anything that seems palatable in the moment, while knowingly and shamelessly speaking with a forked tongue.

“If the members of the PLP’s small parliamentary caucus can’t trust Davis, then what reason is there for the people of The Bahamas to entrust the leadership of this country to him?

“This act simply adds to the long list of reasons as to why Davis is unfit to lead. We all remember his previous misleading of the House of Assembly regarding the BAMSI fiasco that cost taxpayers in excess of $5 million.

“Davis’ utterances simply cannot be trusted. Even in the midst of a pandemic he continues to argue against live-saving emergency health measures. He is a reckless leader.

“The majority of his years as leader of the opposition have been spent attempting to rebrand his party as ‘less corrupt’ – which is very telling. That effort has been unsuccessful. The people of The Bahamas know the PLP’s long record of scandal and mismanagement of their money.

“Davis is a failed leader who does not have the capacity to lead The Bahamas. Bahamian voters will not be fooled again by PLP claims that their party has changed from its old ways.”


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