FNM Preparing Full Slate of Election Candidates

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Statement from the Free National Movement Party Leader

The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis

FNM Preparing Full Slate of Election Candidates

February 7, 2021

Last week the Free National Movement ratified 17 candidates for the next general election. This group included six new candidates and 11 incumbents, a mix of experienced individuals and new energy and talent. We are committed to offering the best team possible for governance.

Our party is well advanced in the process of evaluating potential candidates for the remaining constituencies. In the coming weeks, further ratification announcements will be made. These decisions are based on careful consultation and the need for ongoing renewal of the FNM.

In 2017, the FNM ran a diverse and dynamic group of candidates. These men and women led us to victory at the general election. They helped remove a PLP administration that was ruining our country.

As we evaluate the remaining candidates, there will be a mix of new entrants and incumbents. Some people who ran in 2017 will not run in the next general election.

The party is grateful for the service of all incumbents who are moving on. They have been instrumental in helping our administration advance policies to empower Bahamians.

There will be much public speculation as decisions are made as to who will and who will not run. Out of respect and courtesy, our party will first privately inform those incumbents who will not be nominated again before we make public announcements.

The FNM is a big-tent party. There are many pathways to service beyond frontline candidacy. It is our intention to draw on the expertise of some of our former candidates in various ways in the future should the people again give us their confidence as their government.

We are preparing the best slate of candidates possible to offer the Bahamian people. There is a stark contrast between our vision for the country and that of the PLP.

For example, we have acted decisively during the pandemic to save lives and protect the future of Bahamians. The PLP opposes the live-saving emergency measures we enacted. Under the PLP’s policies there would be no clear rules, the virus would spread, and there would be more sickness and death and economic ruin.

The PLP is not a trustworthy party to govern The Bahamas. Whenever they are in office there are scandals that do damage to the international reputation of The Bahamas.

When completed our slate of candidates will be a diverse and dynamic group of people all Bahamians could have confidence in to continue governing the country with integrity, courage and vision.


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