Evidence Doesn’t Allow Davis to Sidestep Nygard Association

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February 1, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement in response to Philip Brave Davis’ attempts to whitewash his involvement with foreign billionaire Peter Nygard:

“It’s sad – and shows how truly desperate Davis is – when it takes a documentary special into the horrific details of his top donor’s sickening behavior for him to finally address his long ties to Peter Nygard. Davis’ weekend performance was nothing more than a cold, politically calculated attempt to dismiss his deep relationship with Nygard for more than a decade.

“It was only weeks ago that Davis stood before the press and mockingly pretended not to know Peter Nygard’s last name, using that to dismiss the seriousness of the allegations leveled against the fashion designer in the explosive case against him. There is clear video evidence of Davis with Nygard.

“Just as disturbing is the way Davis casually dismissed the testimony of so many of Nygard’s alleged victims, suggesting that because there were no complaints against Nygard while the PLP was in power, what was he to know.

“These girls and women feared for their lives, feeling they had nowhere to turn when their own Government at the time was deeply connected to a man they say tormented them. Bahamian residency, millions in campaign contributions over the years and a cavalier attitude of impunity are what Bahamians saw when seeing how the PLP genuflected to a foreign billionaire lavishing their party with his largesse.

“We encourage Davis to watch the CBC documentary, which included the interview of one alleged victim stating, ‘Nygard knew where the girls lived, and they [victims] were intimidated or paid off to disappear’.

“After watching the horrifying stories then maybe Davis could try again and truly speak as a father and a leader so the alleged victims know what side he actually stands on. One thing is clear: Davis’ performance fell flat over the weekend. He left a lot of questions that still need answers. Time is ticking for him to start being fully candid with the Bahamian people about his obvious connections to Peter Nygard.”


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