PLP’s Silence Regarding Nygard Unacceptable

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December 16, 2020

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s responsibility to answer questions surrounding the party’s association with Peter Nygard:

“For too long Philip Brave Davis, Fred Mitchell and the PLP’s senior leadership sat quietly saying nothing as troubling allegations swirled around Peter Nygard – the PLP’s top moneyman. They have consistently tried to sidestep the matter and dodged accountability for their party. This must stop. They must come to realize that these allegations – detailed in the new indictment – demand a response.

“Prosecutors painted a horrifying picture. They allege Nygard forcibly sexually assaulted some of his victims while others were assaulted by Nygard’s associates. The indictment made clear some of his alleged victims include young Bahamian girls.

“If convicted, it was also reported that prosecutors want Nygard to forfeit all proceeds derived from his alleged racketeering activity and any property used to commit or facilitate his alleged sex trafficking activity. This is a good first step. We hope the PLP will agree with the rest of us.

“And instead of obfuscating and avoiding addressing the troubling allegations, Davis and his PLP leadership team should give a full accounting of their party’s relationship with Nygard to the Bahamian people. Bahamians want to know how much Nygard contributed to the PLP’s 2017 campaign when Davis was Former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s top lieutenant. There are reports of significant contributions dating back a decade: How much did it cost to buy the PLP’s friendship? Will the PLP pledge to contribute all that money to a victims’ fund? Next, can the PLP tell us whether United States prosecutors contacted any member of the party over these troubling allegations?

“From the beginning, the PLP has sat quietly as more and more troubling allegations became public. First there were affidavits about Nygard’s financial backing of the PLP; then video evidence of PLP MPs meeting with Nygard; there was also audio of Nygard saying he doesn’t understand why his role as one of the PLP’s primary benefactors is significant to the public. Silence on all fronts has been the PLP position, leaving so many to ask why not protect the Bahamian people instead of some foreign billionaire donor?

“It’s time for Davis and his PLP to finally answer these troubling questions and stop with the silence. They must understand they are answerable to all of the Bahamian people, not just the chosen foreign few who donate millions to their campaigns.”


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