PLP Cowardice and Hypocrisy on Full Display

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October 27, 2020

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP not voting on the extension of the state of emergency in the House of Assembly:

“The PLP is a party that is all talk and no action. The world is going through the worst pandemic in a century. Countries have invoked emergency measures to be able to make quick decisions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis wisely invoked the legal emergency measures in our country, as the pandemic is the worst crisis in our modern history. This has allowed the Government to use public health advice to make rules to save Bahamian lives.

“In recent days PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis told the country he did not support the emergency measures – even though he once did. Flip-flopping is normal activity for Davis. He stood up in the House of Assembly and rambled on Monday, declaring that the PLP did not support the measures. However, when it was time to vote and take a real position beyond words Davis and his PLP chickened out. They did not vote. They did not go on the record and oppose the extension of the state of emergency.

“Davis is all talk and no action. He is not a serious leader. He makes noise to get headlines in the newspapers then ducks out when it is time to make a decision. He would be a disaster as the country’s leader in a crisis. He would not know what to do. He would wither under the pressure. Davis is the worst leader in PLP history. He is incapable of governing The Bahamas.

“The PLP leader does not even believe in Bahamian healthcare professionals. When he was sick with COVID-19, Davis left the country for the United States to be treated by foreign doctors. Foreign is better to him.

“Dr. Minnis is not afraid to make the tough decisions to keep Bahamians safe. The emergency measures allow the Government to fight the virus and protect Bahamians. The Minnis Administration only puts in place necessary restrictions to slow COVID-19. When case numbers reduce restrictions are lifted so Bahamians could resume more normal lives.

“The woeful PLP is not a serious party. Its lack of conviction in not voting yes or no on the extension of the state of emergency shows the party has no courage under Davis. His PLP is scared to make a decision in a crisis. Prime Minister Minnis will continue to prioritize health while fighting to restore our economy. We deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”


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