Statement from The Free National Movement’s Chairman Rejection of the PLP Chairman’s Irresponsible Comments

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August 20, 2020

FNM Chairman Carl Culmer Sr. on the PLP Chairman’s criticism of the Government and call for a general election:

It is sad to see the level to which political discourse has sunk in our country, and the sheer disrespect many have for our leaders who are working hard to bring our country out of a historic pandemic that has crippled the world’s economy and killed nearly 800,000 people.

Rather than standing with the Government to offer sensible, achievable solutions, some like PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell see this crisis as a time to make moves for political power. Other political rejects are seeking resignations because of their personal grievances with those in power.

Our Prime Minister is not afraid of leading. He is also humble enough to change course when the people say they need more time before a policy is implemented. Bahamians of goodwill should join with the Government to offer their ideas and assistance in this extraordinary crisis. The various food NGOs are an example of how partnerships could work well in an emergency. The Government-led initiative is feeding more than 100,000 people.

We commend the many Bahamians who offered their ideas to the Government’s Economic Recovery Committee. The Government has listened to their ideas. The Committee will present its report next month.

With COVID-19 spikes in Grand Bahama and New Providence the Government is working to break this second wave to save Bahamian lives. That is the focus of this FNM Administration.

“Those calling for an election show where their focus is. They want to get back to power. They want to take us back to the dark days of the last PLP Administration when there was no accountability and constant scandals.

The focus of every sensible Bahamian of goodwill should be on stopping the spread of this deadly virus so we could gradually reopen our economy. At every turn in this crisis the PLP has shown it is a party only concerned with power. Mitchell’s election request is further evidence of that. His party usually shifts its COVID-19 policy back and forth multiple times per week. They give no serious thought to what they say because they only seek headlines. They like politics. They do not like the hard work of governance.

I remind Bahamians to stay watchful of the storm in the Atlantic. I also advise Bahamians to continue abiding by the public health guidelines. Stay physically distant. Wear your masks and wear them properly. Wash or sanitize your hands regularly.

We will recover from the exceptional challenges we face. And I assure you our FNM Government will continue working day and night to keep you safe, and to build toward our economic restoration.

#OneBahamas #TogetherWeStand #DividedWeFall


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