A Message to All FNM’s from National Party Chairman Mr. Carl Culmer

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August 12, 2020

Our leader has been doing an exceptional job as Commander- in -Chief during some of the worst times that our country has ever seen. Our largest tourism market, the United States, continues their own battle with overcoming Covid-19. Their economy has taken a dive, with policymakers trying to reach a consensus on stimulus funding.

Our Prime Minister, in like manner continues to steer our own country, as his Government has already ensured that Bahamians are receiving food and social assistance throughout the pandemic.

While we must continue to defend our Government for its work during an extremely unusual and volatile period, we must not forget to acknowledge the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters and help where we can.

So many families are dealing with the ups and downs of life that may present unique challenges even in good times, and the pressure of Covid-19 has altered everything as we once knew.

While the opposition continues their erratic flip-flopping and confused ranting, we will remain focus on the goal of keeping our country protected.

I remind you once more, your Government has a record to stand on, we acted quickly during the initial outbreak of the virus, in an attempt to prevent strain on our hospital services. The opposition criticized this move.

We had a five phase plan; Phase 5 included resumption of travel and reopening hotels. This Phase was short lived as the  US experienced a growing number of cases. We had to balance reopening the economy and restoring commerce, with managing the risk of more imported cases. The opposition criticized this move.

Many chose to praise other countries including the Bahamas for their management of the virus, now many of those countries’ medical professionals now warning their citizens to stay at home as their healthcare systems cannot handle any added surge in cases.

We were PROACTIVE in dealing with this virus, we acted fast and we acted early when cases were low. We saw some success as numbers held steady, and now that the country has seen a second surge, we have already increased hospital bed capacity and continue to assess risks associated with returning to normalcy as soon as possible.

Our administration has already paid out over $100 million in social security and unemployment assistance. Over 110,000 people from 27,705 households have received food assistance, and the Government has allocated $1 million per week to this initiative. Citizens have said that the assistance continues to go a long way. The Government has also ensured that stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) are adequate for those on the frontlines of this pandemic.

This caring FNM adminstration understands that there are many working class families led by proud men and women rearing a new generation of Bahamians who are eager to see a new Bahamas. The Economic Recovery Committee expects to publish their report on the suggestions submitted by the Bahamian public, as the Government refocuses its priorities in a post-Covid world.

We are focused on restoring commercial activity to each of our islands. The Bahamas’ beautiful archipelago has posed the challenge of almost having to manage each island as it’s own nation. The Government is actively monitoring the status of each island on an ongoing basis.

We didn’t create these issues, but we are fortunate that the FNM has always been called to govern during turbulent times. The PLP continues to leave too many questions unanswered, they will continue to flip flop, spring division, and muddy the waters in an unashamed and hypocritical manner. Pay them no mind and let us continue to move forward together in support of our Prime Minister and his Government during thse times.

Carl R. Culmer Sr.
Free National Movement

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