Sidney Collie’s Statement Regarding the Significance of Today’s Vote

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Sidney Collie, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman, issued the following statement regarding the importance of today’s election:

“Bahamians are saying today’s election may be one of the most important we’ve ever had or will have. It is easy to see why, considering the last five years of inept rule by a selfish regime. It is as if this Government, knowing it was incapable of governing correctly, gave up and began working to enrich themselves at the people’s expense. As Bahamians, we have more pride in our beloved Country than to let this vicious cycle continue. Tomorrow we vote to change our course.

“The PLP spent their 2012 campaign, and five years after, making one failed promise after another. They promised state-of-the–art education but things only grew worse and ‘D’ averages became the acceptable norm to this Government. The promised a number of new high school, yet failed to build even one.

“This irresponsible Government imposed an onerous VAT on the people struggling to get by saying their new tax would pay down our debt and provide significant gains in revenue. But in reality, social services have declined, while our debt has increased by $2 billion. Worse, under the fiscally irresponsible PLP regime the Bahamas has been hit with four credit downgrades, leaving us with a junk bond status. Beyond that, Bahamians struggle to find work amidst double-digit unemployment, which has led to more hardships, increased crime and a worsening quality of life overall.

“Their staggering ineptitude prevents this Government from making sensible decisions, they have chosen to cover up their mistakes, hide from accountability and altogether ignore the problems they’ve left behind. The PLP’s negligence of the people was in pursuit of maintaining their own lavish lifestyles and it has certainly hurt every Bahamian who suffers the consequences of their actions.

“This is one of the most important elections our Country will ever see because it offers a way out of this down spiral of corrupt governance. Enough damage has been done by this uncaring PLP Government. Tomorrow’s election provides the opportunity to make a 180-degree turn and usher in a government that respects democracy and believes in all Bahamians regardless of their name or social status. The chance for a better future lies in the hands of every constituent heading to the polls today. Vote FNM; for your fellow Bahamian, for your family and for all our futures.

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