Sidney Collie’s Statement on PLP’s Silence Regarding Corruption

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Sidney Collie, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman, issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s ongoing silence regarding the scandals involving Jerome Fitzgerald, Allyson Maynard-Gibson and Shane Gibson:

“It’s been a week since the first revelations of total corruption by PLP ministers and the Prime Minister hasn’t addressed this issue once. Even one of his own PLP candidates is throwing the axis of corruption under the bus. It is high time the Prime Minister and his cronies come clean and clear.

“It is clearly a yes or no question. Either cabinet members Fitzgerald, Allyson-Maynard Gibson and Shane Gibson abused their positions of power or they did not. Even the PLP’s own candidate Dr. Charles Clarke acknowledged that Jerome Fitzgerald violated the cabinet rules and even went as far as suggesting to the Guardian that Fitzgerald do the right thing and resign by saying “In a first world society one wouldn’t even have to ask.

It’s stunning that only one PLP member has stepped forward to join the Bahamian people to call on Fitzgerald to resign. Most people realize he should be looking at criminal action not just resign, yet the PLP ignores this and other abuses of power. It’s become ingrained in their party and they are now immune to brazen illegalities like this. Their leadership’s silence shamefully speaks volumes in and of itself. The Bahamian people know who the PLP puts first – it’s always themselves!

“Bahamians cannot risk another five years of PLP politicians that enrich themselves by manipulating their positions in government. The FNM believes government are the employees and the Bahamian people are the employers. When elected, we will act swiftly to enact reforms that curtail corruption and prioritize the interests of the people”.

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