Romi Ferreira’s Statement Regarding the Petition to Fire Corruption

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Romauld ‘Romi’ Ferreira, Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for Marathon, issued the following statement regarding the FNM’s petition to fire Minister Fitzgerald:

“It appears that the most secure job in the world is to be a Minister or leader in this corrupt PLP Government. What does it take to fire a man who has clearly broken the rules and abused his power? As the public grows more and more restless that the PLP will turn a blind eye to the rampant corruption that takes place underneath its nose, we all watch as Jerome Fitzgerald continues to scoff at accountability as if the rules and laws of this country do not apply to him. Since initially questioned about his clear conflicts of interest with his dealings on Baha Mar, this Minister of Education first denied those allegations, then finally was forced to acknowledged them based on overwhelming validity of evidence. But his defense is all to common from this Government when caught red-handed, they insist they did nothing wrong and then refuse to be held accountable for their action.

“There is no gray area here. No technicalities. Any child who was taught the difference between right and wrong can see Jerome Fitzgerald clearly violated the Cabinet Rules of Procedure. He abused his power for financial gain – that is not in question. The evidence is publicly available. The question is why does he still retain his job. Why has he not done the honorable thing and resigned his office, and if he is unwilling to accept responsibility then why has this embattled Prime Minister not fired him – for the good of the country? Sadly, this is not the first time our corrupt Minister of Education has skirted the rules. It was he who hid details of the Rubis Oil leak from his own constituency because he was afraid of losing his job. What lesson is this PLP Government trying to send our young people if they act as if they are immune to the laws that cover the rest of society. Minister Fitzgerald is not above the law, even though he acts as such.

“The people demand action and they demand that their voices be heard. Many of them are signing onto the petition the FNM launched so they can voice this demand. We call on all Bahamians to join this effort and send a message loud and clear that government officials breaking the law and abusing their power for financial gain will not be tolerated. We stand together, united, calling on Jerome Fitzgerald to be fired – sign the petition at to join this effort today. We the people are the agents of change and together we will rid our government of its corrupt, self-serving politicians”.

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