Dr. Hubert Minnis’ Statement Regarding Poor Economic Performance

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Dr. Hubert Minnis, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader, issued the following statement regarding the government’s poor economic performance:

“Our struggling economy is all part of this vicious cycle of corruption brought on by this Government. They are more focused on taking care of themselves and their cronies rather than focusing on real economic opportunities for Bahamians. Under the disastrous PLP rule, The Bahamas has suffered through 4 years of zero economic growth. Bahamians have experienced crippling unemployment and deteriorating services during that time, but if you are in PLP leadership or close to PLP leadership your life has not been touched by this staggering economic downturn.”

“But to hear our embattled Prime Minister tell it, everything is well in our country. Prime Minister Christie proves our point that you will not fix a problem when you choose to ignore it. But turning such a blind eye towards the clear struggles of the Bahamian people shows their callousness and their true desire to put themselves above all others. The people are dismayed that their embattled Prime Minister continues to hide behind empty rhetoric concerning the use of the onerous VAT tax. They are alarmed that as they suffer to make ends meet, he went and quadrupled his office budget over the last year. We’ve been hit with a series of warning signs like their four credit downgrades that brought us junk bond status, chronically high unemployment, zero to negative growth and skyrocketing debt – how can Prime Minister truly believe that ‘things are looking up’.

“Policy failures, rampant corruption, lack of transparency and no coherent economic plan all have contributed to our economic woes, as local and regional authorities on economic affairs point out. But while our economists have outlined effective policy changes, such as fiscal rules, this Government refuses to act, happy to oversee a system that benefits their backroom dealings while the people are forced to foot the bill.”
“The FNM has outlined specific plans for economic growth. Our manifesto outlines the need for fiscal responsibility, increased competition and reduced burden on local businesses. Though five years of economic incompetence and corruption has made life difficult for so many, we ask Bahamians to believe in a better future. I and the FNM are dedicated to building a prosperous future of opportunity for all”.

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