Dr. Hubert Minnis’ Statement Regarding PM Christie’s Speech in Andros

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Dr. Hubert Minnis, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader, issued the following statement regarding the Prime Minister’s speech in Central Andros:

“It came as no surprise this week, when giving his tired, old political speech in Central Andros, our embattled Prime Minister focused more on himself, than on the Bahamians he should be serving. But many of us were left speechless when we learned the Prime Minister has finally broken his silence on Minister Fitzgerald’s laundry list of corrupt acts. Sadly, Prime Minister Christie did not condemn his Minister’s clear abuse of position and power for his own personal gain, no; our embattled Prime Minister actually came to praise Minister Fitzgerald. Someone at the PLP must get the Prime Minister a new set of glasses because he no longer can see right from wrong!”

“To hear Perry Christie tell it, it is Minister Fitzgerald and his band of co-conspirators that have been wronged. It is they that are the victims, not the Bahamian people who are being served by a Government focused on taking care of themselves above all else. A Government that sets the rules and laws but doesn’t feel the laws applies to them. We have a Prime Minister that calls for civility, as if he is being treated unfairly, all while he and his cabinet members pillage the Bahamian economy and lie to us every step of the way. How soon will this national nightmare be over? May 10th can’t come soon enough!”

“This Government and in particular the embattled Prime Minister has fostered a culture of corruption at the highest ranks of government. They have turned a blind eye at every turn to Ministers who willfully hide information like Jerome Fitzgerald did on the Rubis Oil spill, which carried health concerns to his own constituency. He has allowed his cabinet including his handpicked Attorney General to negotiate on Baha Mar even while having clear, conflicts of interest. Further, once they strike a deal he has his co-conspirator, the Attorney General, quick seal the deal in the courts – conveniently shielding the details of their secret deal with their Chinese allies from the public. He stands by silently as his cabinet member Shane Gibson was receiving payments from foreign billionaire Peter Nygard. Where does it end for the PLP? How much damage must they inflict on our country in their pursuit of personal gain?”

“The embattled Prime Minister clearly believes he and his PLP are above the law. The level of corruption this PLP government has delivered is unprecedented, and on May 10th, the people will bring a swift end to this corrupt regime. We ask Bahamians to believe in a better future and take this belief to the polls. We believe all Bahamians deserve the chance to succeed and the FNM will work tirelessly to enact reforms that provide opportunities and prevent politicians from robbing Bahamians of a better future.”

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